Access Requirements For an EPC

EPC assessor will need to have access to all habitable areas of the building.

This is to Identify the heat emitters, type of lighting, identify any draught issues, and type of glazing in every room.

EPC assessor will also need access to the loft area (if present) to measure loft insulation thickness, check the partition wall and construction type of the building.

Assessor will also need to check the following in a property but not limited to it.

Documents Required

An EPC survey is a “non-invasive survey”. This means our assessors have to follow RdSAP conventions and have to depend on the evidence that they collect from the property at the time of the survey.

So any additional documents that you could provide will help our assessor to make better decisions.

Planning permission / Building control documents for Loft conversions are mandatory to mark the age for the conversion. This will have a very serious impact on the rating.

As per the RdSAP conventions if a conversion document is not available the date of conversion is the age of the building which will, in turn, assume the insulation standards of that year.

Our Assessors will make every effort to trace those records on online council systems wherever present.

Having the following documents ready will help our assessor to make accurate entries on the system.

What happens Once the Survey has been done.

We aim to issue all the EPCs (Energy Performance certificate) on the same day of our survey on cleared payments. 

Once an EPC has been lodged we will email you the link to view it on the EPC register.

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